Grow With Us

PAM Health believes that investing in the growth and development of team members builds a stronger culture and company. We offer several programs designed to foster professional growth. Through the years, multiple staff members have received promotions to director level, vice president, and even CEO.

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Education and Certification Reimbursement

PAM Health annually designates funds for education and certification to provide financial support and encouragement to team members to achieve advanced degrees and professional certifications.

Charge Nurse Training

Charge nurses play a vital role in the success of any nursing unit. PAM Health provides extensive orientation and training to staff members interested in progressing to the next step of their career by becoming a charge nurse.  Education and training includes both classroom and hands-on elements to develop the leadership and clinical skills needed for success.

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Executive Leadership Program (CEO, CNO, DSI)

At PAM Health, we strive to provide our employees with the tools and resources to grow within the organization. Our Executive Leadership Academy promotes this effort by providing development programs for employees aspiring to earn a role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director of Strategy and Integration (DSI), or Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). These 5-month programs include an intensive learning week called the Executive Boot Camp, which takes place at the corporate office in Enola, PA. Throughout the program, candidates have the opportunity to meet with senior leadership to gain valuable insights in how to be successful in their aspired role. In addition, candidates partake in rigorous coursework to develop core competencies while engaging in live role responsibilities an experiential learning during an end-of-program internship. Eligible participant must be current full-time employees at PAM Health and may apply for acceptance to the program by contacting kkahl@pamhealth.com.

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Career Development Testimonials

My career at PAM Health began in 2013 when I was hired as the Chief Nursing Officer. Shortly after I started, it was apparent that PAM Health was a company that valued its employees and provided an environment in which hard working/dedicated employees have the opportunity to develop their skillsets and learn new skills that could potentially advance their career. My CEO at the time, Jerry, began training me to be his replacement from day one. At the time, I did not realize this, but over the course of time, it became apparent that the exposure he offered me was preparing me for the next step in my career at PAM Health. I am very thankful for Jerry and PAM Health for investing time and resources to help employees reach their potential!

Nicholas Mendez
Chief Executive Officer
PAM Health Specialty Hospital of Hammond

PAM Health has been a very inspirational connection for me personally. I have been connected to PAM Health for a total of 15 years. I have had the opportunity to grow professionally with this elite organization in a variety of leadership roles, and it has taken me to my current role of Regional Clinical Director. In addition, I have been supported from an education standpoint to get my BSN and most recently, my MHA. Come and grow with an organization that supports personal growth and builds success as they inspire employees to achieve professional goals.

Sharon Simms
Regional Clinical Director