Orientation Program for New Nurses

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. Learning the systems, policies, procedures, and culture all take time to navigate and understand. At PAM Health, we have created an orientation program to support and mentor new nurses during their first few weeks on the job.

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New Nurses

New nurses are paired with a nurse preceptor, who checks in with them regularly. Our nurse preceptors are uniquely qualified to provide exceptional in-hospital training. They possess knowledge of policies and procedures as evidenced through demonstrated clinical practice. Preceptors serve as a role model for others because of their expert clinical skills and excellent customer relation skills. Preceptors are team players and strong patient advocates. They also have a minimum of six months on a nursing unit and one year as a licensed nurse. Experienced nurses may want to consider applying to become a preceptor when they meet the requirements.

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All Nurses

Regardless of experience level, also go through an orientation program to help them learn the policies, procedures, and specifics of working on their unit.

Graduate Nurses

Nurses who have graduated with their degree and who have scheduled their testing date are welcome to apply for nursing positions within PAM Health.

Student Nurses

While student nurses (nurses who are currently enrolled in a nursing program) may not be eligible to work as nurses until after graduation, they may apply to work as unit clerks or patient care technicians (if allowed per their state’s scope of practice). Students may also work in other departments such as environmental services and dining, which allows them experience in working in the hospital setting.

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